California Cable Car

511: Chinatown YMCA Run 2 days ago More...

A race will take place in Chinatown on Sunday morning. Muni may experience short delays. The 10 and 12 routes will reroute.

Some stops below are unmarked. Use safety precautions.

  Stops Affected Alternate stops

10 Townsend and 12 Folsom / Pacific inbound toward Russian Hill

  • Pacific and Grant
  • Pacific and Kearny
  • Pacific and Stockton

10 Townsend outbound toward San Francisco General Hospital

12 Folsom / Pacific outbound toward the Mission District

  • None
  • None

We want you to be safe. Muni buses stop only at marked Muni stops.

The California Cable Car route is shown as line C on the Official Muni Map.


California and Van Ness via California to Market.


California to Van Ness.

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