9L-San Bruno Limited

511: Permanent service changes effective October 25, 2014 6 days ago More...

The SFMTA will be making permanent service changes to several bus routes effective October 25.

9L-San Bruno Limited, both directions

New inbound stop: The 8X-, 9-, & 91-route bus stop located on Bayshore after Visitacion.

New outbound stop: Bayshore at Visitacion.


Hours of service will be extended to midnight.

The terminal will be moved to Pacific just around the corner from Van Ness, southeast corner.

27-Bryant inbound toward Nob Hill

Discontinued Stop:

  • 5th St/Harrison, far side-north, a bus zone (Stop ID #13169)

Established Stops:

  • 6th St/Bryant, farside north, a bus zone (Stop ID #17319)
  • Folsom/6th St, farside east, a bus zone (Stop ID #14660)


The 30-Stockton will return to its former terminal on Divisadero at Chestnut Street.


Evening 38-Geary service will be regularly scheduled to Fort Miley.  On-demand evening service will be discontinued.


511: Lower Market construction, July 22, 2014, through summer 2015 July 2014 More...

Muni will move stops or reroute for several lower Market Street routes due to construction during all hours of service.

Only inbound service to downtown is affected.

2-Clement, 6-Parnassus, 21-Hayes, 31-Balboa, K-Owl, L-OWL, M-Owl, Metro Bus Shuttle

Missed Stops:

Alternate Stop:

Market & First (boarding island)

Market & First (curb stop)

Market & Beale

Mission & Fremont

Spear & Market

Mission & Main (temporary nearside)

5-Fulton, 5L-Fulton Limited, 38-Geary, 38L-Geary Limited, 71-Haight-Noriega, 71L-Haight-Noriega Limited

Missed Stops:

Alternate Stop:

Market & First (curb stop)

Market & First (boarding island)

 9-San Bruno, 9L-San Bruno Limited

When the 9 and 9L Routes continue past 2nd Street, the following stop will be missed.

Missed Stops:

Alternate Stop:

Spear & Market

Market & Steuart (Inbound 14 stop)


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Arleta and San Bruno via San Bruno, Silver, Bayshore Boulevard, Potrero, Division, 11th Street, Market (uses island stops before Fremont, one curb stop after), Spear, Mission, Main to terminal.


Main, Market (uses island stops), 11th Street, Division, Potrero, Bayshore Boulevard, Silver, San Bruno, Arleta, Talbert, Sunnydale, Bayshore.

Limited Stop Area

Between Bayshore and Visitacion and 11th and Market, with intermediate stops at Bayshore and Arleta (outbound), San Bruno and Arleta (inbound), San Bruno and Paul (inbound), San Bruno and Dwight (outbound), San Bruno and Bacon, San Bruno and Silver, Bayshore and Cortland, Bayshore and Oakdale, Potrero and 24th, Potrero and 16th, 11th and Harrison.

Local Service: See 9 Route.

Owl Service: See 90 Route.

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  • Service: Limited
  • Mode: Bus
  • Inbound to: Downtown
  • Outbound to: Visitacion Valley
  • Accessible: Yes
  • Bikes: Yes