38L-Geary Limited

511: Route name changes and service adjustments effective April 25, 2015 last month More...

8/8AX/8BX Bayshore Express 

  • Name change of 8X Bayshore Express to 8 Bayshore; no change to 8AX or 8BX.
  • No route change.
  • Running time adjustments.
  • 8 - Midday frequency increase to every 7 minutes from 9 minutes.
  • 8AX - Three buses added to the AM peak. Increased frequency to every 6 minutes from  8 minutes.
  • 8BX - Two buses added to the AM peak. Increased frequency to every 6 minutes from 8 minutes.
  • 8AX/BX - Five buses added to the PM peak. Increased combined frequency to every 3.2 from 3.7 minutes.

10 Townsend 

  • Running time adjustments.
  • Two additional service trips added during the AM peak to provide additional capacity. 

14R Mission Rapid 

  • Name change from 14L Mission Limited.
  • Running time adjustments.
  • Two buses added all day on weekdays.
  • Frequency increase to every 7.5 minutes from 9 minutes.
  • Increase service span on weekends to 8 am to 6:47 pm from the current span of 9 am to 5:10 pm.

14X Mission Express 

  • Running time adjustments.
  • 40-foot buses assigned to the route.
  • Four buses added to the route to increase am frequency to every 5.5 minutes from 8 minutes and pm frequency increase to every 7.5 minutes from 10 minutes.
  • Service span extension in the inbound direction during the am until 10 am, instead of the current end time of 8:30 am.
  • Service span extension in the pm to start at 3:00 pm instead of the current 4 pm start time. 

28 19th Avenue 

  • Running time adjustments
  • Service trip added during the am peak to provide additional capacity

29 Sunset 

  • Running time adjustments.
  • Increase midday frequency to every 12 minutes from 15 minutes.

41 Union 

  • Additional vehicle added in the morning. Total of 15 buses assigned to the route.
  • Running time adjustments in the am and pm service.
  • Reallocated service in the afternoon to increase the number of buses from 4:45 to 5:30 to reduce crowding.

Service Span Changes

In addition to the changes listed above, additional span of service extensions were made to the following express services to end closer to 10 am: 1AX/BX California Express, 8AX/BX Bayshore Express, 14X Mission Express, 30X Marina Express and 31AX/BX Balboa Express. 

Resource Reallocation and Service Increase

5 Fulton and 5R Fulton Rapid

  • Name change to 5R Fulton Rapid.
  • Running time adjustments on both routes.
  • 5 local to reduce peak service by three buses. Reduce frequency during the peak.
  • 5R to increase peak service by four buses and increase frequency all day.

38 Geary and 38R Geary Rapid

  • Name change to 38R Geary Rapid.
  • Running time adjustments on both routes.
  • Add 38R service on Sundays.
  • 38 local to reduce peak service by three buses and reduce frequency during the peak.
  • 38R to increase peak service by five buses and increase frequency during the peak.

Name Changes 

In coordination with the launch of a new system map in April, all Limited routes will be renamed as Rapid routes. There will be no changes to these routes at this time.

  • 5R Fulton Rapid
  • 7R Haight-Noriega Rapid
  • 9R San Bruno Rapid
  • 14R Mission Rapid
  • 28R 19th Avenue Rapid
  • 38R Geary Rapid 
Name through April 24 Name effective April 25

6 Parnassus

6 Haight-Parnassus

8X Bayshore Express

8 Bayshore

16X Noriega Express

7X Noriega Express

17 Parkmerced

57 Parkmerced

33 Stanyan

33 Ashbury-18th

71 Haight-Noriega

7 Haight-Noriega

108 Treasure Island

25 Treasure Island




511: Lower Market construction, July 22, 2014, through summer 2015 July 2014 More...

Muni will move stops or reroute for several lower Market Street routes due to construction during all hours of service.

Only inbound service to downtown is affected.

2-Clement, 6-Parnassus, 21-Hayes, 31-Balboa, K-Owl, L-OWL, M-Owl, Metro Bus Shuttle

Missed Stops:

Alternate Stop:

Market & First (boarding island)

Market & First (curb stop)

Market & Beale

Mission & Fremont

Spear & Market

Mission & Main (temporary nearside)

5-Fulton, 5L-Fulton Limited, 38-Geary, 38L-Geary Limited, 71-Haight-Noriega, 71L-Haight-Noriega Limited

Missed Stops:

Alternate Stop:

Market & First (curb stop)

Market & First (boarding island)

 9-San Bruno, 9L-San Bruno Limited

When the 9 and 9L Routes continue past 2nd Street, the following stop will be missed.

Missed Stops:

Alternate Stop:

Spear & Market

Market & Steuart (Inbound 14 stop)


511: Geary and Stockton Construction, 2015 January 2014 More...

The outbound bus stop on Geary and Stockton is temporarily discontinued for construction for most of 2015.

Please use the stop at Geary and Kearny or Geary and Powell.

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The 38L Route downtown terminal is moved to the Transbay Temporary Terminal during construction of the new Transbay Terminal.
Weekday & Saturday Daytime


48th Avenue and Point Lobos via 48th Avenue, Geary, Starr King, O'Farrell, Market (uses curb stops), Beale, to Transbay Temporary Terminal island stop drop-off after Howard.


From Transbay Temporary Terminal island stop pick-up on Main before Howard via Main, Market (uses curb stops), Geary, Point Lobos to 48th Avenue.

Outbound runs express from Transbay Temporary Terminal to next stop, on Market at Front.

Limited Stop Area


Geary and 33rd Avenue to Powell and O'Farrell with stops at 25th Avenue, 20th Avenue, Park Presidio, 6th Avenue, Arguello, Spruce, Presidio, Divisadero, Fillmore, Laguna, Van Ness and Jones.


Powell and Geary to Geary and 33rd with stops at Leavenworth, Van Ness, Laguna, Fillmore, Divisadero, Presidio, Spruce, Arguello, 6th Avenue, Park Presidio, 20th Avenue and 25th Avenue.

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