28L-19th Avenue Limited

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Stop Stop ID NextBus Live Data
Daly City Bart Station 14341 Live Data
Junipero Serra Blvd & Palmetto Av 15140 Live Data
Junipero Serra Blvd & Brotherhood Way 15134 Live Data
19th Ave & Junipero Serra Blvd 13362 Live Data
19th Avenue & Holloway St 1390 Live Data
19th Ave & Winston Dr 13402 Live Data
19th Ave & Ocean Ave 13378 Live Data
19th Ave & Sloat Blvd 13391 Live Data
19th Ave & Wawona St 13401 Live Data
19th Ave & Vicente St 13398 Live Data
19th Ave & Ulloa St 13396 Live Data
19th Ave & Taraval St 13394 Live Data
19th Ave & Santiago St 13392 Live Data
19th Ave & Rivera St 13388 Live Data
19th Ave & Quintara St 13383 Live Data
19th Ave & Pacheco St 13381 Live Data
19th Ave & Ortega St 13379 Live Data
19th Ave & Moraga St 13373 Live Data
19th Ave & Lawton St 13368 Live Data
19th Ave & Kirkham St 13366 Live Data
19th Ave & Judah St 13364 Live Data
19th Ave & Irving St 13360 Live Data
19th Ave & Lincoln Way 13370 Live Data
Park Presidio Blvd & Fulton St 15950 Live Data
Park Presidio Blvd & Balboa St 15946 Live Data
Park Presidio Blvd & Geary Blvd 15953 Live Data
PARK PRESIDIO BLVD & California ST 15949 Live Data
Golden Gate Bridge/Parking Lot 114773 Live Data
Golden Gate Br Tunnel/Merchant Rd 114776 Live Data
Richardson Ave & Francisco St 16181 Live Data
Lombard St & Divisadero St 15272 Live Data
Lombard St & Pierce St 15284 Live Data
Lombard St & Fillmore St 15274 Live Data
Laguna St & Chestnut St 15258 Live Data
Buchanan St & Bay St 13794 Live Data
Buchanan St & Beach St 13795 Live Data
Marina Blvd & Laguna St 134729 Live Data
The 28L-19th Ave. bus provides weekday am and pm limited stop service between Daly City BART and Fort Mason.


Daly City BART station via Access Road, Delong, John Daly Boulevard, Junipero Serra, 19th Avenue, Crossover Drive, Park Presidio Boulevard, California, Presidio, Letterman, Lombard, Laguna, Bay, Buchanan, Marina to terminal.


Beach, Laguna, Lombard, Letterman, Presidio, California, Park Presidio Boulevard, Crossover Drive, 19th Avenue, Junipero Serra, John Daly Boulevard (eastbound), Delong, Access Road to Daly City BART station.

Limited Stop Service: Stops at Daly City BART, Holloway, Winston, Eucalyptus, Sloat, Taraval, Quintara, Noriega, Judah, Lincoln, Fulton, Balboa, Geary, California and 12th (inbound only), Park Presidio and California (outbound only), Fillmore, Chestnut, Fort Mason.

Regular Service: See 28 Route.

Owl Service: See 91 Route.

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  • Service: Limited
  • Mode: Bus
  • Inbound to: The Marina
  • Outbound to: Daly City BART
  • Accessible: Yes
  • Bikes: Yes