16X-Noriega Express

511: Construction Starting Late December 2014, Early January 2015 3 weeks ago More...
Updated Jan. 16 for 16X
Some Muni stops will be moved or missed for construction starting in early January 2015.
  • N, NX, N Owl: Judah & 28th, January 1-February 15
  • N, N Owl: Irving & 7th, January 9-11  
  • 16X: 4th & Market, December 30-March 6 (extended)
  • 24: Castro & 24th, January 8-March 6
  • 27: 5th & Mission, January 5-February 5
  • 31: Turk St. & Masonic, January 1-21
  • 54: Geneva & Moscow, January 1-February 27
  • Traffic: 4th between Market and Mission, December 30-March 6

N, NX, N Owl: Judah & 28th

Thursday, January 1, through Sunday, February 15

The inbound stop on Judah St. & 28th will be temporarily relocated to Judah at 27th at all times.

N, N Owl: Irving & 7th

Friday, January 9, 8:00 pm, through Sunday, January 11, 8:00 pm

The inbound and outbound stops on Irving & 7th will be temporarily relocated to Irving at 6th for all hours of service.

16X: 4th & Market

Tuesday, December 30, 2014, through Tuesday, March 6, 11:59 pm (extended dates)

The last inbound stop for the 16X on 4th & Market will be temporarily discontinued at all times. The last stop will be Market between 5th & 4th instead.

24: Castro & 24th

Thursday, January 8, through Friday, March 6

The bus stop on Castro & 24th will be temporarily relocated to Castro after Jersey for all hours of service.

27: 5th & Mission, January 5-February 5

Monday, January 5, through Thursday, February 5
The inbound (toward Russian Hill) bus zone on 5th & Mission will be temporarily moved 80 feet north of the existing stop from 11:00 pm each night until 6:00 am the next morning.

31: Turk St. & Masonic

Thursday, January 1, through Wednesday, January 21

The terminal on Turk & Masonic will be temporarily relocated 100 feet west of the existing stop at all times.

54: Geneva & Moscow

Thursday, January 1, through Friday, February 27

The outbound stop toward Crocker-Amazon on Geneva & Moscow will be moved to Athens & Geneva, northwest corner, at all times.


Tuesday, December 30, 2014, 5:00 am, through Tuesday, January 6, 5:00 am

Multiple lane closures will take place on 4th between Market and Mission.

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The 16X Noriega Express runs during weekday peak periods only.

Inbound am

Ortega and 48th via Ortega, 47th Avenue, Noriega, 22nd Avenue, Lincoln Way, Kezar Drive, J.F. Kennedy Drive, Oak, Franklin, Golden Gate, Market (uses curb stops) to 4th.

Express Area: After Lincoln Way and 9th Avenue until Golden Gate and Van Ness, stops only at Oak and Franklin.

Outbound pm

Cyril Magnin (5th Street North), Market, Turk, Gough, Fell, J.F. Kennedy Drive, Kezar Drive, Lincoln Way, 23rd Avenue, Noriega, Lower Great Highway, Ortega to 48th.

Express Area: After Turk and Van Ness until Lincoln Way and 9th Avenue, stops only at Fell and Gough.

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  • Service: Express
  • Mode: Bus
  • Inbound to: Downtown
  • Outbound to: Outer Sunset
  • Accessible: Yes
  • Bikes: Yes