108-Treasure Island

511: Folsom Street Off-Ramp construction, Sept. 22, 2014, through March 2015 September 2014 More...

The 108 SoMa drop-off point will be moved due to construction.

108-Treasure Island inbound toward downtown

Stop Missed: Main & Howard stop island 

Temporary Stop: Beale after Howard. Walk one block east to Main & Howard for service to Market. 

108-Treasure Island outbound toward Treasure Island

No changes.

511: Yerba Buena Island service during Bay Bridge construction January 2010 More...

The 108 Treasure Island Route will not serve stops on Macalla until all Bay Bridge construction is complete. Use the free Caltrans shuttle between Macalla stops and the Treasure Island main gate. The contact number for the Caltrans shuttle is 415.288.8802.

Service Changes by Line/Route and Direction
Line/Route Affected Stops Affected Alternate Stops
108 Treasure Island inbound toward downtown
  • Macalla & Treasure Island Road.
  • Macalla & Nimitz.
  • Macalla & Building 240.
  • North Gate & Macalla.
Use Caltrans Shuttle
108 Treasure Island outbound toward Treasure Island
  • 62 Macalla.
  • Macalla & Nimitz.
  • Macalla & Treasure Island Road.
Use Caltrans shuttle

We want you to be safe! Muni vehicles stop only at existing marked Muni stops. 

All times shown on this page are for expected effects on Muni service, not for the event or activity itself. 

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The 108 Treasure Island route downtown terminal is moved to the Transbay Temporary Terminal during construction of the new Transbay Terminal.

The 108 operates express within the South of Market area, stopping only at the Transbay Temporary Terminal.


13th, Gateview, B, 9th, H, California, of the Palms, Treasure Island Rd., Bay Bridge, Folsom, Main to 108 island stop drop-off on Main before Howard (Transbay Temporary Terminal).


From Transbay Temporary Terminal curb stop pick-up on Beale between Howard and Folsom via Beale, Folsom, Essex, Bay Bridge to Treasure Island exit, Treasure Island Rd., of the Palms, California, H, 13th to Gateview.

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  • Service: Local
  • Mode: Bus
  • Inbound to: Downtown
  • Outbound to: Treasure island
  • Accessible: Yes
  • Bikes: Yes