Find a Taxi Stand

Around San Francisco

2011 San Francisco Taxi Stand Locations

Finding a taxi at any stand will depend on the popularity of the location for taxi use.

The most reliable taxi stands are the ones where drivers can find fares quickly. Taxi drivers will first look to popular customer spots like these to wait in line. Look for:

  • hotels
  • tourist destinations
  • transit hubs
  • special events locations

Taxi stands are also located in a variety of neighborhoods surrounding downtown but taxi availability may be less reliable.

SFO Airport

Map of SFO designated taxi zones

At SFO Airport, San Francisco Taxis depart from designated taxi zones located at the roadway center islands, on the Arrivals/Baggage Claim Level of all terminals.

Please note that you should only choose San Francisco taxis for a San Francisco destination. Heading south to the peninsula from the airport (towards San Jose) using a San Francisco taxi will result in a different (and more expensive) fare rate. If you are heading south of the airport, ask the driver what city their company is based in before you get in.