Find out where and how to park in San Francisco.

Moscone Parking Garge with Articulated Muni Bus passing in front of it on the street

Real-time Parking Information

Find a parking space in the downtown area using maps that show real-time rates and space availability.

Parking Garages and Lots

Parking Garages and Lots

Locate an SFMTA managed garage or lot near your destination.

Parking Control Officer writing ticket to an illegally parked car

How to Park Legally

Our how-to guide has tips and rules to help you avoid costly parking tickets.

SFpark Meter along San Francisco's Embarcadero Waterfront | July 31, 2012

Holiday Enforcement Schedule

Don't pay for parking if you don't have to. Find out when and where parking rates and enforcement get the day off.

Car parked at a meter

Parking Meters

When meters are active, what meter colors mean, how they work, and how much they cost.

Blue Accessibility Curb Color

Curb Colors

What curb colors mean, and who is allowed to park in what color zone.

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